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Dear Sirs, we received your demand and are happy about your interest in our products.

Our topical airbrush-catalogue is the biggest catalogue on the airbrush-market today, concerning number of pages and products.
This catalogue has about 470 pages and far over 80.000 products of the finest airbrush-technology.
Due to the size of our assortment, is is not possible for us to give the catalogue away for free, neither to our customers nor to our dealers (see also the footnotes in all of our ads). We are at least charged 35,- € only for copying the pages
and also at least 3,60 € postage and packing . That's why we are forced to demand a minimum charge from you, this means 10,- € (national) or at least 17,90 €(international) at present.
We will send our catalogue to you for 10,- € prepaid, in stamps, cash, credit-card or check.
Paid-on-delivery-sendings are not possible any more, because some demands of the catalogue were sent back and we also had to pay the postage back to us, even though it was totally senseless. Please refer to the text in our ads for details.
We want to
emphasize again, that we don't want to profit from this payment, but we pay at least 25,- € for each catalogue, without ever knowing if the demand for the catalogue will lead to an order.

We would be grateful if you understand this measurement.
P.S.: Visit us
for free on the internet. Address see headline.
Yours faithfully,
Alois Unholzer